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You can find out about anything…

We try and keep the site up to date, as much as possible. If we find out any new information about new technology that we think that you’d like, we’ll post it for you. Also any information about the family, will be on this website also.




You can read all different topics…

All kinds of topics to pick from: General, City, Community, Creative, Ideas, Lifestyle, Media, People, Photography, Sports, Technology, Wellness. and the list goes on…




We have various galleries on the website

Nabhan / Nichols



Snow Storm






Winter Storm



Would you like to add information to the website?

Do you have an idea, more areas to add? We would be more than happy to do it, as long as it has to do with the family, updates on articles, or just more kinds of topics to add to the blog.





But most of all, just have fun… that’s why we’re here.