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Thanksgiving 2005

This year, Thanksgiving was really fun! The entire family was here, and we had a great time.

The family started to pour in about 10:45 in the morning, and wouldn’t you know it; I decided to sleep in until 10:15 …. So I was just opening my eyes, and drinking java when they were walking through the door.

Then about 11:00 Brett, Renee, Ben and Tia arrived! Gosh it was great seeing them. I haven’t seen them for a few months – maybe even longer – and it was a blast to have them under this roof! Dea loved it.

Then about an hour later, Greg, Julie, Zak and Austin came… So Dea has all of her Kids, Grand-kids, and ALMOST all of her GREAT Grand-kids here … the only one missing was Samantha … and everyone was asking where she was.

As always, like every holiday, the TV was on and any channel with sports was on (BUT ON MUTE), and we were talking and laughing …. It wouldn’t be a holiday in this household without a football game, or basketball game going in the background.

Anyway, around 1:30, Brett, Renee, Ben and Tia, had to go to Renee’s parents house for dinner (they were having dinner at 2:00 like us), so we said our good-byes to them… and we started to lick our lips for the meal that was wating for us in the kitchen. YUM!

You name it .. we had it. The basics for Thanksgiving, and more! We all pigged out. One of the best meals, with turkey, that we have had in a long time. Sure, we have had turkey … but this one was out of site. Really juicy, tender, and delicious.

The day was really nice. Everyone finally left about 4:00 …. and we cleaned up.

Then about 8:00 or 8:30 MORE company showed up… Mark’s Family. We were all in our PJ’s and ready for bed … but it was time to entertain again… That’s what the family does.

Just think in less than a month we are having the family over for brunch on Christmas Morning/Afternoon. Then everyone can go and do their own thing with the seperate families. Time sure does go fast at the end of the year ….

I’m glad that everyone had a great time on Thanksgiving … lets hope that everyone has just as great of a time of Christmas…. Later.


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