Gobble Gobble

Ok … It’s not Thanksgiving yet, the day before, but I figure that I better write now, because I won’t have this computer on at ALL tomorrow.

Really anxious that we are having Thanksgiving here .. this family has a lot to be grateful for. Exactly one year ago Dea, the backbone of this family was in the hospital, and not doing that good. I was really worried about my grandma.

Mom and I, had last Thanksgiving in a restaurant. We didn’t even want to cook. We were running back and forth to the hospital. It seemed really depressing.

Now, one year later, Dea is doing much better; we are having the family over tomorrow, and we will have a great time; I just wish that the entire family was staying for dinner. But I guess that is OK … The family is big now, and everyone has their own place to go.

I’m just glad that I am here everyday with grandma, and can hear some of the stories that even MOM has never heard. I think that Mom would “ROLL OVER” if she knew everything that Dea did in her childhood. Dang… what a hip Dea I have.

Anyway, for our menu tomorrow we are having the basics, a nice size turkey, stuffing, green bean caserole, potatoes, cranberry relish…. heck …. you name it, and we’ll have it… pumpkin pies …. my mouth is just watering for tomorrow ….. and we’ll also have all of the dips and veggies, nuts, candy …. need I say more?

This is really going to be fun. I’ll take a lot of pictures to post in the gallery. One day they will be priceless for all of us.

Welp, that’s it folks. I’m outta here. I am going upstairs to help Dea for tomorrow….. Later on.

Timothy Tracy