Warmth? Whats that?

It wasn’t supposed to be done, but it was. Had no choice.

Today, the day started off at 16 F and 7 WSF …. and I was freezing my butt off. I knew that this change in weather wasn’t going to be good. I ran upstairs and turned on the heat. It was only 62 F in the house, and I was NOT going to let my little girl freeze her butt off when she woke up, let alone my Grandma who sleeps with the windows open….

Anyway, I’m getting off of the subject.

When my daughter left for school today, I went to work….. sorta….

There were two humongous boxes downstairs in the basement. They contained a fireplace for me, for Christmas.

I figured, I cannot wait until Christmas anymore. I am freezing, in 16 weather outside…. and I need heat …. so I don’t freeze my n**s off!

So I started at 8:30 a.m. this morning putting that puppy together…. all 49 pieces of wood and metal for the fireplace, and 146 nuts and bolts (wooden and metal also) to clamp it together. It took me until 2:20 p.m. this afternoon to do it, because I didnt have any ELECTRIC TOOLS!

I had to do it all by hand…..

Now, are ya ready for this….. Are you ready for the worse part?

Forgot to purchase FUEL GEL for it …. So I am OUT OF LUCK! I have a Fireplace, but no gel.

Sooooooooooooo, I have to wait until this weekend, to go out and purchase the gel containers (disposable) for the fireplace… and also dump the boxes that it came in.

I guess that I will be freezing for 2 days …

Timothy Tracy