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We Will Miss You Richard…

I have been listening to the news, and heard that Richard Pryor died.

Now when I was a little kid, in the early 70’s …. I loved to listen to Richards albums … they were great; and when the VCR’s came out … wow, just incredible.

Let me tell you … In the 80’s I was always going out to rent one of his live concerts (like Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip). He was a genius on stage. Everything that he said was of real life; and a lot of it was of his life.

I will never forget when Eddie Murphy started to come out. Richard was one of the people that he looked up to… and you know what, a lot of us kids at the time looked up to Richard; because he talked about the types of neighborhoods that we were brought up in.

When we found out that Richard had M.S., a lot of us thought that would be the end of Richard; but it sure wasn’t. He kept acting, and preforming for the public. He wanted to show everyone that life cannot stop just from M.S… and he proved it.

Richard, you are going to be missed. A lot of people are going to miss you.

Every once in a while look down and remind me… “I’d like to make you laugh for about ten minutes though I’m gonna be on for an hour.”

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