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What Does 99.9% Uptime Really Mean?

When you are looking for a server for your site, and you see that they have 99.9% uptime – you think wow .. this is great.. I will be online 364.64 days out of the year … No problem… Or is it?

That other 0.36% of time, can really hurt you if you are not informed of the maintenance of the server; especially if you are working on your site.

Take yesterday for instance. I was working on 23 pages on the site, and in the middle of uploading them to the server, the server stopped; with no warning that there was going to be any maintenance. Then for over 2 hours … YES, two hours .. the site was not online.

What happened to the 99.9% of uptime that was promised to me? That has already been taken away.

So I have a question for the people that visit.

Do you think that companies should mass-mail their clients, on the days that they are going to work on/adjust the servers; to give them warnings of shut downs?

I’d like to hear what you have to say.

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