Where Have you Been?

I know, I know … I usually write every day … but the past week I have been taking a break for the new year; getting ready to start working my butt off, making cash by using the computer.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Not really. I’ll explain it to you in depth, once I get it rolling.

In the mean time, I have been fixing a few problems that I have had on the computer to get this sweet ready for the new year.

One of the main problems was that Internet Explorer 6.0 was freezing with SP2.

Now I have had SP2 ever since it came out, and no problems – so the trouble was in IE 6.0 . Do you think Microsoft to admit that? NEVER!

So I decided to make a few adjustments myself. First, I downloaded CCleaner to actually clean all of the temporary internet files, HIDDEN temporary internet files, spybots, OLD Unused REG, and much more.

When I finally “cleaned” everything off my computer, it was over 2.8 GIG’s worth of hidden information (it was stuff that McAfee nor Norton could not find), the computer itself started running a lot faster; But I still had the trouble with IE Freezing.

So I uninstalled I.E. 6.0; ran the CCleaner, and reinstalled it. The computer runs like it was brand new again.

I’m just looking forward to the new I.E. 7.0 that will be coming out soon. It is really neat. Has a built in feed and everything. You can read all about the beta version of it at Microsoft.

While I was working on my computer, and the I.E. 6.0 was freezing – I was using Firefox 1.5, and it was great! So I am going to use Firefox as my secondary browser. It is really neat.

Well, that’s it for now.

Timothy Tracy