Been A Long Time

I know, it’s been a long time since I have written; four months – but a lot has been going on in this family – good and … well just plain sad.

Two of my favorite Aunts have passed away, and it has really been hard on a lot of us. Especially the entire backbone of the Nabhan family. Aunt Mae first, and Aunt Vi one month later….

They were, and still are two of the greatest women ever.

I miss them, and I think about them every day.

Aunt Mae I used to see at least once a week, with Aunt Em, when they came to see Dea … and I miss the three of them sitting at the table, just talking about something or other – if it was about plants, the weather, aches, or pains — they still were sticking together and talking – it was good for them.

Aunt Vi, I really miss! She always told me like it was. Gosh I miss that. She used to get very personal with me, and that was so funny – especially for a GREAT aunt getting away with something like that … Aunt Vi was such a trip. God I miss her.

Well I have to quit writing for now.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still OK, and I will be writing again daily soon.

Take it easy.

Timothy Tracy