What Kids Know, or Don’t!

Every year, it seems, government leaders make pledges about improving education. We’re told, again and again, that our future depends on it.

So how are we doing?

Terrible. Awful. Pitiful…

Not long ago, a national report found that only 35% of high school seniors are proficient in reading. And 23% — less than 1/4 — are proficient in math. 40% lacked even basic skills in high school math.

But here’s the thing: despite those alarming numbers — and you don’t need an AP course in algebra to KNOW those are alarming — kids are getting better grades. They’re taking tougher courses, and spending more time in the classroom.

Why the disparity? Experts say it’s because grading standards have gotten lower, and grades have been inflated.

We’ve got to do better, if our kids are going to have great expectations — or even know who WROTE Great Expectations.

Timothy Tracy