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iPod Family

Tuesday was my daughters 11th birthday, and she seemed to really have a great time – but at the same time so did I … I’ll tell you a little bit more about that later, but first let me fill you in about Sami’s wonderful technological treats …. notice that was plural.

When Sami woke up on her birthday, it was a school day … and you know a child just wants to see if they received anything cool for their birthday …

She came out into the kitchen and there was a present with a card, with instructions! Instructions? She looked at me really puzzled. I could tell she was like, “Dad, it’s not like I don’t learn at school.. but at home too? Give me a break!” She didn’t say that… but she had that look.

She read the cover of the card, and signed it, like it told her too, and then opened it… then it was telling everyone thank-you, but you don’t have to buy my anything…, and it had her signature at the bottom. She started to giggle…

She opened the present (the first one of the day) and it was a picture that her Grandma took two weeks prior, and had blown up and framed into a huge poster for her room. The picture was of her and Erin, when Erin spent the night, when they were having a makeup party. It was a riot. She loved it.

She went to school, and then that night after dinner (her favorite..chinese), we celebrated her birthday. She opened the rest of her gifts.

The first was a cool picture album from Dea, so she can put all of her friends in it. The design of it is just awesome. The back of it has a place for DVD’s and negatives. She just loves it. Then she opened the combined gifts, that her grandma and I bought for her.

First an iPod Mini 4G, that she loves, and a iDog that dances with the iPod.. So now she can’t complain that she doesn’t have a pet! She has one that dances and sings!!

The funniest part about getting the iPod for her, was that we had it in the house for two weeks, and I tried it out to see how it worked… and I fell in love with it.

I liked it so much, that I bought one for myself! But I couldn’t take it out and “PLAY” with it until she opened hers…. it just wouldn’t have been right… so I was dying for her to get hers on Tuesday….. So now we are both having fun with our iPods, and downloading Podcasts… They are really awesome.

So I guess you can say we are a pod family!

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