Didn’t make It

Dang. I didn’t make it to New York. If your wondering about the blog ahead of this, I wrote that last week because I ASS-U-MEd that I would be in NY by the time it posted, and at a car show.

Bunch of personal crap happened on Friday- and basically I found out that I have no health insurance / and haven’t had any since 05/31/09. So without healthcare, no medicine to take with me on my trip. My medicine is $2300.00 without healthcare. That is so bull. I wouldn’t mind paying $120 to $200.00 a month for my meds and some type of insurance / but I cannot find any company to take me on as a client.

I neet to get regular medicine each month / see my doctors every 4 to 6 months / all of that stuff. This just stinks. Does anybody know a company in the midwest that would take me on?

Timothy Tracy