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Apple Nut Cake

Last night I was just craving my grandma’s apple nut cake. It’s been since September of last year when Grammie was feeling Ok, and still with us, that we’ve had it in this house; and I figured enough already! I used to help Grandma make it, and I’ll make tonight. So I looked all around the kitchen, and we didn’t have enough flour. DAMN! So my Ma went out and bought me some to make it today.

So this morning I got up, and instead of  doing the work I NEED TO DO, I made my grandma’s famous cake. Boy, it really seemed easy to make when two people did it together. We used to have it in the bunt pan and in the oven within 30 minutes; but today, doing this by myself – it seemed like it took the entire morning.

The cake takes 60 minutes to cook, and I went to check it after the time, it still wasn’t ready. Then I remembered, It never was when we make it before. So I cooked it longer for about 13 or 14 minutes, and tadaaaaaaaa…. the cake was ready.

After I let it set for about 45 minutes I flipped it, and it came out of the pan perfectly. It was almost as if somebody was watching over me. I had a piece of the cake and dang it’s good. I’m going to have to start baking some of Grandma’s recipes again. I sure miss them. Especially the sweets.

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