Windows 7 – My Thoughts

Well I’ll tell you. Earlier in a post I told you that I was really excited to get Windows 7 Professional, and so far, from what I have found out, It is not that much different from Windows XP Professional. Sure, it has a about 30 to 35 new things with it, but hey, it has already grown on me. There is a lot of new things that they could have added, for all of the advertising that they did. There isn’t any Windows Movie Maker with W7. That was one of my favorites.

What did come with it was Windows DVD Maker. Totally different. Luckily I had  Roxio MyDVD Premire 8.0 and it makes some really fine movies. I also have a few Ulead movie makers that are pretty cool. When I first set it up, all of the files were extensionless. So I had to reset it in the control panel so you could view the extensions. That is a must for Web Designers. It seemed like they make is for dummies.

One neat thing that there is about it is the Aero. that is really neat. I have used that numerous times with the windows so far.

I have a lot of thoughts that are running rapid through my mind right now, and I can’t type all of them. But for the next month or so, I will write them down, and let you know, what I think about the W7.

Timothy Tracy