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Blackberry Suprises Clients

Not long ago when I was writing about BB failing with it’s email; I have to admit – I was was wrong. Sure It wasn’t working, but they were backing it up for what they were getting ready to throw on all of us.

Five days ago, I get a message on my BB Bold 9650, that it want’s to upgrade my phone to 6.0 from the previous 5.5 version.

That is almost like Microsoft saying, “Hey, I’ll give you Windows 7 Premium just as an upgrade to your Windows XP!” Well that would be a fat chance that Microsoft would ever do something like that, but Blackberry sure did.

So I grabbed it. Boy is there a lot of new neat stuff of this phone, and so many items that I really don’t need. Thank goodness that I have the unlimited for Data and Messages for my phone and daughters. It is just way to cool all of the things that you can do.

Anyway, thank-you Blackberry for upgrading your software for the phones. It makes a big difference, and we can do so much more.

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