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Switch in phones, makes all the difference

The last time I was writing on the blog, I was writing about the death of Steve Jobs and it was a real shock at the time; but since then there has been a lot of articles about how we can remember him, what he has accomplished, blah blah blah… and the list goes on.

In the mist of all of that tragedy, I was having problems with my cell phone – the Blackberry that I have written about before. Only this time, it was really bad. RIM was having power outages again – twice in a couple of weeks – they were lasting forever when they happened, and they weren’t doing anything to reconcile their loyal customers.

Finally after I had been a loyal Blackberry user for 19 months, and then being treated like filth by RIM, I decided that it was time to switch types of phones; ones that were loyal. So in October, I went to Verizon Wireless and picked up the iPhone 4. It was the best choice that I could have ever made. No problems, works like a charm, get all of my email from various accounts with no hassle; and one of the best options that I have with this phone, is when I am on the web – I can go to a regular webpage and enlarge it, and read it with no problems. It’s wonderful.

So what made me choose the iPhone, so close to Jobs death? Did it have anything to do with his death? The answer to both of those questions is NO. I had been looking at the iPhone for sometime, and his death and me getting it at that time were just a fluke. I mean sure, there is a little bit of sympathy towards his death and his age, but not towards buying the phone. That was my own choice. Plain and simple.



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