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Updated TT again…

If you haven’t noticed, I updated again, and moved everything around so it can be mobile ready. Yes finally. All of these years I have been making other sites mobile ready except for my own.

I cancelled the mobi provider that I was using, which will save me some money each year, and now this site is on it’s own.

Also I have created a lot of the galleries again with new pictures, and also redesigned the videos for the Nabhan Family. The Nabhan videos are now hidden on YouTube, and I hope that they will stay.  Years ago when I made them, I used copyrighted songs in each video; and I don’t know if YouTube will accept them (even if they are hidden). If they get blocked, I will just put them on another location, and stream them back to this site. So we won’t have much downtime while I do that.

Anyway, enjoy the new site, and have a good time.

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