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Blizzard 2016 – Hits Northwest Indiana

This week we were hit by a blizzard, that came out of the blue. Just when we thought that the weather was calming down for the season, the snow hit us hard. We must have has 11.5″ or more inches of snow, in a two day period.

Over the period, I was out shoveling 3 times; and finally the second day, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to get all of the white stuff! After the city had cancelled school, and shut down the streets the night before, they went to work. All night they were clearing the streets; but it sure didn’t help all of the residents of Hobart. We were all blocked in our homes. There must have been 2 feet of snow blocking our driveways. Not even our snowblowers could handle it.

So I went out early Thursday, and with a shovel, and my hands, I was picking up boulders of snow blocking my driveway. After some time, I got it all off to the sides, and we were able to get out. But it sure wasn’t easy.

I hope we don’t get hit like this again.

I added some pictures for ya.


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