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Website Update, Faster Pages, and Update on the Family

Yes, it has been a long time since we have updated this site but looking at the same pages over and over was just getting very nerve wracking, and we really personally didn’t have a lot to say.

So I finally decided to give you a new look of this site. Hopefully it is simple, and easy to find pages. Plus it is a lot faster than before.

We have added different galleries all through the site. In posts, and in the Gallery itself.

Also a few years ago in 2016 or 2017, I had moved all of my videos to YouTube for you to view. Easier on the site. Well YT was going to mute most of the videos because we used actual songs in the videos, and that is against the law apparently. (If Genesis and especially Phil Collins saw the original old-time videos, I bet they would give us permission to use the music we used.)

So we had to put these really bizarre and crappy songs that they suggested for the videos (from YT), and now they just don’t match.

If you would like the original videos, please write to us, with personal information, and we will be glad to send the videos to you. Sorry for all of the hassle this has caused.

Now About the Family

The family is doing great. We have four-generations in this house, and I love it – So does my mom.

Mom, Samantha, Ellie, and myself are all here, and it is just great. We see each other all of the time, and one of the neat things is that every day, we learn something new about my granddaughter, Ellie.

With her in school, it is just crazy how fast these kids learn. I never thought when I was in school, or my daughter, picked things up so quickly. But Ellie, just needs to be shown something once; and if she comprehends the basics of it, she is good to go. That’s in Math, English, Art, almost any category.

Papa is proud of her.

Samantha is working for the hospital, and she enjoys her job. I’m glad that she is doing something that she likes and is really good at it. Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have ever thought Sam would be working in the medical field – but then again, I told her back then that I would be proud of her no matter what field she chose. It takes a person with a lot of patience to do what she does every day.

Dad is gloating.

Now I have saved my Mama for last. I am so fortunate to be able to see my mother every single day. I love her to death. My mom is the person that holds this entire family together, and I am not shy to say that.

She gets up every single morning, basically with the sun, and she is the one to get Ellie ready for the bus stop. She is the great grandma that runs the show in the morning. I know that Ellie enjoys it.

She does her own thing during the day, and she prepares dinner every night, like clockwork (unless she wants me to make something, which is rare).

Mama talks to her friends and does whatever she feels like doing. I really think that being retired is good for her, and she enjoys it.


So now you have the update of the site, and the family. If you would like to see updated pictures of the girls, just go to the gallery.

I promise that I will add more posts in the future.

Take Care.

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