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IMG_2233I’m sure that a lot of people think that their Mom is “One of a kind”, but my Mom really is.

Back in 1943, Mom was born in Gary, Indiana where just about the entire family was born. She attended Miller Grade School, until she went to William A. Wirt for the rest of her education. Wirt in it’s time, used to be a grade school and high school!

After Mom graduated in 1961, she went to work. Now I can’t name all of the places that she has worked, but I can remember the following: Plaza Bakery, John’s Radio and TV in Miller, National T, Western Cold Drawn Steel (20 Years), Hy-Alloy Steel, Kenwal Steel, and Castle Metal. So most of her life, she was in the steel industry.

In 2013 my Mom retired. It hasn’t been easy for her, since she’s used to working all of the time, but she is getting used to it.

Now Mom is kicking back everyday, relaxing, watching TV, and on Facebook with old friends. She also has been working in the yard, and going out and having a good time. She deserves it! After all of those years working her butt off, she deserves some fun.