IMG_2766It’s been a long time since I have updated this page on the site, and there is a lot to tell. Sam graduated from Hobart High in 2013. Yep my girl made it through the Hobart school system.

Toward the end of the year (2013), Samantha brought my grandbaby into this world, Elanore. She is a little princess. Now it wasn’t easy for Samantha at the time, but she has been a great Mama, and she has provided for her little girl left and right. I guess you can say my baby grew up fast.

Now Samantha and Ellie are living in a city nearby, with her fiancee  Trevor, and they make a great family. Samantha couldn’t have found someone greater.

Samantha and Trev are working all of the time to make rent on the home that they bought, and they are really trying their hardest to make everything work. I’m happy for them.

They know that if they need to come over here for a break,  they can. Food is free here too!

Anyway, Samantha is doing O.K., and I am proud of her as a Mom, a daughter, and just being there for her baby.